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Rising NBA stars

The 2016/2017 NBA season has been a lot of fun so far. Just like the previous season. All kinds of records are being broken. It seems the game is changing. Or maybe it’s because we just keep track of everything now. Either way it’s much more interesting to follow the NBA than it was a decade ago.

We all know the global stars like Curry, Westbrook, Durant, LeBron and Harden. They’ve already made a mark in previous years, and continue to do so. But I’d like to point out some players that caught my eye this season, and who might be the future of the NBA.

So more or less in order, here we go.

Devin Booker

This 20 year old, second year NBA player is quietly leading his team, the Phoenix Suns in points, as of this week. Very young, but this kid is really quickly developing in to what might be a franchise player for the Suns. They need one. Here he is dropping 39 against the Spurs, one of the best defensive teams around, just last week.

Kemba Walker

Player for the Hornets, because of that he is not getting the attention he deserves. Has a few years under his belt already, after an illustrious college career, but is still improving. The thing that doesn’t need improving, because it can’t be improved is his step back jumper.

Isaiah Thomas

This is an exciting player, he is not related but he was named after the famous Pistons player Isiah Thomas (yes, it’s spelled different). So it almost seems he was destined for the NBA. He is breaking the rules. Current shortest player in the NBA and drafted dead last in 2011. But also currently second in the NBA in point per game! And shortest player to record a triple-double in a game and shortest player to score 50 points in a game.
Also he is mr. 4th quarter. Breaking franchise and NBA records in points made in the 4th quarter. Here he is scoring 52 points this season, including 29 (!) in the fourth quarter:

Andrew Wiggins & Karl Anthony Towns

Ok this next one is a double-header, because they play for the same team. It almost isn’t fair, but Minnesota has a lot going for them. One is 21 year old Karl-Anthony Towns aka KAT. Who is an absolute beast in his own right. The other is 21 year old Andrew Wiggins. As versatile a player as they come. Just see for yourself.

Joel Embiid

After being drafted in 2014, Joel Embiid had to wait 2 years to make his NBA debut because of broken bone in his foot. So this is his first year. And because of that he has restricted playing time, but man does this guy show promise. Big, athletic, can run the floor. And hungry! After some rough years, the 76-ers have a great future to look ahead to. Embiid is joined by Jahlil Okafor, to make up one of the most talented front courts in years! And let’s not forget they also have last year #1 draft pick Ben Simmons. Who, just like Embiid, is sitting out his first season due to an injury. With all this going for them they even might be title contenders in a few years. They certainly have the talent. Here is Embiid scoring 26 points in just as many minutes. Just trust the process.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Ok, I already knew Giannis before this season, how could you not. But he is the player I am most excited about. Just 22, but already in his 4th NBA season. Some people are born to play basketball. He is one of them. He probably has the most untapped potential in the entire NBA now. Crazy athletic, has the width and reach of a center but plays the guard position! Nicknamed the Greek Freak. It is scary to watch this guys’ ability. Has the potential to change the game. His name is unpronounceable (I have to google it everytime) but nonetheless he is still selected to the all star team this year, and rightly so.

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