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My January timeline

I’ve always loved timelines. Visually seeing where things are in time resonates pretty strongly with me. This love goes back to my earliest memories of the dentists’ office where a huge year-round calendar hung on the wall. It had 12 distinct vertical columns and every day had its own little box. Maybe it’s because of the physical pain that went with those visits, but this calendar is cemented in my mind. It’s what I literally see when I think of ‘a year’.

For things that span multiple years I also tend to make timelines in my head. I plot everything from music history to computer science history and I make cross-references. So for me, the Beatles broke up around the time Unix and C were being developed. And MIT AI’s lab was getting a PDP-1 when Elvis was serving in the military. So yeah….there’s that.

And I like to document everything. What I read, play, watch or listen to. Pretty much for the same reasons I think. So why not plot all that data in a nice timeline? So here you go, my timeline for January with 4 categories of things that I read, watched, played or listened to. I.e. books, movies, games and podcasts. Here’s the full screen version.

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